PT Rig Tenders Indonesia Tbk (“The Company” or “Rig Tenders”) is an Indonesia-based public-listed marine logistic services provider for the oil and coal industry.

The Company’s business activities are classified into two categories: coal and offshore. The coal segment relates to the chartering of tugboats and barges to coal mining companies to transport of coal and other bulk aggregates. The offshore segment comprises of chartering supply vessels and accommodation work barges to upstream oil and gas companies to support their offshore operations.

The Company owns and operates a fleet of vessels consisting of anchor handling supply tug, tug boats, accommodation/work over barges, flat top barges and self- discharging barges.

The Company owns 7 (seven) subsidiaries, 4 (four) through direct ownership namely Rig Tenders Marine Pte Ltd, CH Logistics Pte Ltd, CH Ship Management Pte Ltd and Grundtvig Marine Pte Ltd; 2 (two) through indirect ownership, namely: PT Batuah Abadi Lines (through Grundtvig Marine Pte Ltd) and Scomi Vessels Pte Ltd (through PT Batuah Abadi Lines); and 1 (one) through joint venture with Marco Polo Ventures Pte. Ltd, namely Rig Tenders Offshore Pte Ltd.

The Company was initially established as a limited liability company, a joint venture company by Mr Boedihardjo Sastrohadiwirjo and Rig Tenders Inc in the framework of the Foreign Capital Investment Law No 1 Year 1967 as amended by Law No. 11 Year 1970 based on Notarial Deed of Mrs Darwani Sidi Bakaroedin, S.H., No. 25 dated January 22, 1974, which was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in the Ministrial Decree No. Y.A.5/98/10 dated 1 April 1974 and published in State Gazette  of  the  Republic of Indonesia No. 39 dated May 14, 1974, Supplement No. 187/1974.

The Company’s Articles of Association have been amended several times. The latest amendment made to the Company’s Articles of Association was based on Notarial Deed of Stephanie Wilamarta, S.H. dated September 22, 2015 No.128 That amendment has been approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

To support the Company’s business activities, the Group owns and operates fleet of vessels. As of March 31, 2017, the Group owned 76 vessels, consisting of 2 Accomodation Work Barges, 1 Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel, 7 Supply Discharging Barges, 22 Barges, and 44 Tug Boats.