ISM : Clauses 1.2.1. – 1.2.2. – 1.2.3.
ISO 14001:2004 : Clauses 4.4.1. – 4.4.2.

The Company’s Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Policy applies to all personnel who may sail on or visit the Company’s vessels.

The misuse of legitimate drugs or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or unprescribed controlled drugs ashore or onboard ship or by shore Staff/Crew Members on leave IS PROHIBITED

The Company will not employ any persons who are users of, or have a recent record of the use of illegal drugs or have abused the use of prescribed drugs. Any Employee found in contravention of the Company’s Drug Policy WILL BE INSTANTLY DISMISSED AND HANDED OVER TO THE APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES FOR PROSECUTION. All are reminded that in certain countries possession of illegal drugs can result in the DEATH PENALTY.

The vessels are employed in hazardous environments and the primary concern is with the safety of all personnel, the vessel and the protection of the environment.

For this reason onboard all vessels, alcohol consumption by personnel IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Alcohol IS NOT ALLOWED aboard any vessel no matter what the reason.

To ensure a safe working environment onboard the vessels all personnel must co-operate fully with other personnel. Personnel disputes arising onboard threaten the harmony of the vessels operation, for this reason gambling in any form IS FORBIDDEN.