ISO 9001 : 2015: Clause 1.1.B.
ISM : Clause 1.2.3.
ISO 14001: 2015: Clause 4.3.2.

PT. Rig Tenders Indonesia (PTRTI) is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for Employees, Contractors, Customers and Members of the Public. In doing so, PTRTI will comply with all relevant Legislation, Codes of Practice and Standards.

PTRTI shall ensure the work environment and equipment are safe. Integral to achieving healthy and safe systems of work are operating procedures and supervision, which are contained in PTRTI’s OH&S and Resource Management Procedures, which is part of the their QHSE Management System. The OH&S and Resource Management Procedures shall provide information and training requirements for all Employees.

PTRTI shall ensure that all Management and Staff have the necessary support and resources to meet their obligations of responsibility, accountability and authority for Occupational Health and Safety.

PTRTI acknowledges that hazards can provide physical and psychological risks. Such hazards may arise from the work environment, equipment or interaction with people. Management and Staff shall promote and participate in systematic hazard identification and risk management. They will also verify health and safety by undertaking Inspections, Testing and Audit Procedures.

Health and safety at work is both an individual and shared responsibility. All Employees shall take reasonable care for their own health and safety and for that of their fellow Employees. Accordingly, Employees shall co-operate with Management and comply with PTRTI’s Policies and Procedures.

Implicit to all PTRTI OH&S activity is a consultative process. This enables all Employees to contribute to the continuous improvement of health and safety in their work place. Employees are encouraged to participate in improving health and safety in the work place through their respective Managers, or by communication with, or being part of OH &S Committees. These Committees have an important role in monitoring health and safety in the workplace. Consistent with a continuous improvement approach to OH&S, the General Manager shall review this Policy annually.