Our offshore support services division provides vessels to the oil and gas industry to support operations such as:

  • Seismic survey support as chase boat and utility vessel
  • Anchor handling services e.g. setting and positioning of anchors
  • Towing, assisting and mooring of FPSO, FSO, tankers, platform and rigs
  • Mobilization/de-mobilization of FPSO, FSO, platform and rigs
  • Perform fire-fighting and oil spill recovery duties
  • Running cargoes to platform, rigs and to support general logistic for offshore
  • Supply food and fresh water for tankers, platform, rigs
  • Transportation for personnel, bulk and deck cargoes
  • Chartering of offshore accommodation barge
  • Protecting pipe line, patrolling and supporting pipe laying and protect oil & gas field from any unnecessary ships/boats
  • Support maintenance jobs on platform or rigs

Our vessels are manned by experienced and professional seafarers who are dedicated to their profession.