Chronology of Stock Listing & Changes in the Number of Shares

The Company was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on 5 March 1990.
Subsequent to the Company’s listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, the Company had undertaken the following corporate exercises which bore impact on its share capital:


In 1992, the Company carried out a preemptive rights issue by issuing a total of 30,456,500 shares to the shareholders at par value of Rp 1,000 per share.
The Company obtained the Notice of Effective of Stock Listing from the Chairman of BAPEPAM for Rights Issue No. S-1369/PM/1992 on 21 August 1992, and the issued shares were listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange on 29 October 1992.


On 22 December 2001, the Company implemented scriptless trading in accordance with the regulations of the Indonesian Central Securities Depository regarding Depository Services, approved by BAPEPAM.
Following the implementation of scriptless trading, the shareholders of the Company who still possessed the share certificate in its physical form (script) are no longer able to trade at the Stock Exchange.


The Company implemented a stock split in 2004 at a ratio of 1:10, wherefore the nominal value of each share was split from Rp 1,000 to Rp 100 per share.
The Company decided to implement the stock split upon the following considerations:

  • to improve the liquidity of its shares and trading volume;
  • to improve the public ownership of its shares by enabling small investors to participate in the Company.