Operation Manager – Offshore

Indonesian citizen, aged 46, domiciled in Indonesia, serving as operation manager (offshore) since 2015.

He joined the Company in 2002 as Port Captain and was appointed as Marine Superintendent/ Acting Operation Manager in 2007. He previously worked as a boat master, barge master and deck officer in various shipping companies such as Space Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore (1998-2000), Continental Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore (1996-1997), Pendawa Maritime Pte Ltd, Singapore (1995-1996), Asian Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore (1993-1995), Apollo
Shipping, Malaysia (1993 -1994), and in Pertamina (1992-1993). He earned his Bachelor of Economics and Magister Management from Pancasila University. He also has obtained various certifications and attended trainings related to the shipboard management and shipping.

He is currently completing his doctorate in management in Pancasila University