Operation Manager – Offshore

Indonesian citizen, age 44, domiciled in Indonesia. Serving as operation manager (offshore) since 2015.

He joined the Company in 2002 as Port Captain and was appointed as Marine Superintendent/ Acting Operation Manager in 2007. He previously worked as a boat master, barge master and deck officer in various shipping companies such as Space Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore (1998-2000), Continental Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore (1996-1997), Pendawa Maritime Pte Ltd, Singapore (1995-1996), Asian Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore (1993-1995), Apollo Shipping, Malaysia (1993 -1994), and in Pertamina (1992-1993).

He earned his Bachelor of Economics and Magister Management from Pancasila University. He also has obtained various certifications and attended trainings related to the shipboard management and shipping.